We are Milimetry

We are two women who design and manufacture portable display furniture and exhibition stands for modern craftsmen.We believe that products made with love deserve a beautiful display. We will make your products best presented to customers.Our furniture is minimalistic, functional and reusable. We make them by hand, using materials available in Poland: wood, birch plywood and metal. 
We live and work in Krakow. We share our time between Millimetry and work in a clothing brand, where we have been responsible for creating a collection of clothes for over 8 years. Thanks to this, we know exactly how important the appropriate display of products is. We also know, however, that even the most beautiful furniture will be useless if they come the day after the fair. Therefore, our priority is that the furniture always reach you on time. In our store you can choose among pre-designed products, or write to us and place an individual order for the design of a stand or furniture that meets the needs of your business.

MILIMETRY Magdalena Ciopińska
ul. Slusarska 9
30-710 Krakow, 
EU VAT ID: PL629-218-14-82

Magdalena Ciopińska +48 501 300 996
Anna Rzeszowska +48 508 439 518

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