Make a Statement With Your Check Out Counter - The Best Types for Trade Booths

Make a Statement With Your Check Out Counter - The Best Types for Trade Booths

Check Out counters are a great way to make a statement at a trade booth or market stall. This blog post will describe the different types of counters available, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Counters with storage space are best for businesses that need to store a lot of items, as they provide ample space for organizing and displaying inventory and a large space for your branding at the same time. With removable shelves and slide in side handles, they can quickly and easily reposition their booth anytime they need. Not to mention, they're great for creating an eye-catching, customizable display!

Kiosks on castors serve as a great way to showcase products or services. They are mobile and can be set up quickly, making them ideal for trade shows and markets. These kiosks are equipped with various components, such as head board and round logo board with your branding, hooks for paper bags and storage shelves at the back.

Promotional carts are designed to attract customers’ attention and are commonly used to distribute samples and hand out promotional items. They are easy to move and usually feature colorful graphics, helping to draw more attention to the booth.


Market stalls give you the complete booth solution – light and customizable for both standing and hanging products. Plus, add front panel branding with your logo to cover stock and a sun canopy for outdoor events – your booth is ready to go!

By using these different kinds of check out counter stands, businesses can easily create a more welcoming and engaging shopping experience for their customers. With the right setup, they can improve their visibility and increase sales.

You will maximize your visibility and sales potential with the right set-up at the checkout counter. By selecting the right stands, you can create a more inviting and engaging shopping experience for customers, encouraging them to purchase more. With the right setup, you can welcome customers, boost your visibility, and reach new heights in sales.

For booth vendors looking for the perfect counter solution, Milimetry can help! Whether you need help picking out the right counter or need to customize something to fit your brand, our team is ready to assist. Email and let us provide you with the ideal solution.

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