How it works?

Purchase and personalization

Which stands or bundles will be best for my booth?

If you do not know where to start we will be happy to guide you through the process and help you choose the booth setup that fits your needs. Simply write to us and let us know more about your business.

Please let us know:

  • a description of your company profile,
  • logo in vectors (.ai or .eps file),
  • the size of the booth you usually use,
  • the stands you like from our collection,
  • photos of your current booth setup.

We will advise you the display set or bundle that fits your business profile and prepare 3D visuals of the layouts that will help you choose the best options for your next event and stand out from the crowd!


All the stands that have logo boards on top and all the counters will come personalized with your logo which is already included in the price. We will also print your logo on the carrying cases! Personalization looks different depending on the furniture, logo and color.

How can I add my logo on the stands that I like to purchase?

Choose and buy selected furniture or sets in our store. After the purchase, our graphic designer will contact you by e-mail to determine the personalization and approve the mockups so that you can make sure how the ordered fixtures will look personalized for you. If you like to see the mockup with your logo before you finalize your purchase, you can also send your artwork in vectors (.ai or .eps) first to and we will prepare the mockup with your logo first.

Where can I incorporate my logo?

For stands that feature logo boards on top and counters, we offer personalization with your logo free of charge. Additionally, we can print your logo on the carrying cases for added brand visibility without any additional cost. The placement and appearance of personalization may vary depending on the specific stand design, your logo, and the chosen color scheme.

Can the logo be in color? What color options are available?

Yes, your logo can be in color. We offer a range of color options to suit your branding requirements. 

Is it possible to preview how the retail fixtures will appear when customized with my logo?

Simply share your logo with us in vector format (.ai or .eps file), and we will create a mockup specifically tailored to your requirements. This mockup will be sent to you for approval, providing you with a clear depiction of how the fixtures will look with your logo. Seeing your logo on the fixtures will facilitate your decision-making process, ensuring that you make the perfect choice for showcasing your brand!


How long will I have to wait for delivery?

We always keep a few stand pieces in stock, but occasionally you may need to wait for production. Typically, the order processing time ranges from 1 to 3 weeks, plus up to 1 week for the worldwide delivery. For special or custom designs, please contact us at least 4-6 weeks prior to your planned event. This gives us enough time to prepare the design and refine all the details.

Are the display stands packed securely to prevent damage during transit?

Yes, we take great care in packaging our display stands to minimize the risk of damage during transportation. Thanks to meticulous packaging, we are sure that the stands will reach the customer in excellent condition.

Can I expect the stands to arrive on time?

We have a track record of delivering our products on time, without any delays. In the rare event that there might be a risk of not meeting your event deadline, we will promptly inform you.

Will all the necessary elements be included in the package? Do they fit together seamlessly?

Rest assured that the package will contain all the essential elements required for assembling the stand. To ensure accuracy, we meticulously assemble each product before packing it, checking that nothing is missing and that everything fits together flawlessly.

Assembly and transport

Can the stand be assembled by one person? How long does it take?

Most of our stands can be easily assembled by one person. The assembly time vary between the pieces but in general it takes about 10-15 minutes to assembly one stand. It might take a bit longer by the first time, so we recommend to practice at home before your first show.

Do I need any tools for assembly?

No, you won't need any additional tools for assembly. Most stands are assembled with wing nuts that can be fixed with fingers. Some products may require an Allen key, which is included in the kit.

Will I receive assembly instructions? Can I assemble it myself?

Yes, you will receive detailed printed assembly instructions with step-by-step drawings and a QR code leading to animated video instruction. In case you encounter any difficulties during assembly, please reach out to us via email. We will be happy to assist you and provide further advice if needed.

Are the retail displays heavy? What is the weight of one piece of retail display?

Our stands are made of lightweight poplar plywood and spruce wood, which ensures that the retail displays are sturdy but light. Generally, our stands weigh between 12 to 30 kg.

What weight can the shelves support?

The weight capacity of the shelves depends on the specific retail fixtures and the type of wood used. Usually we use poplar plywood to make the displays very lightweight. Each poplar shelf can carry about 5-9 kg (11-20 lbs) depending on the size. The counters have thicker table tops and can carry up to 20 kg ( about 45 lbs). 
If you are dealing with heavier items or plan to load the shelves with a significant amount of weight (such as ceramics or books) or you like to put a heavy coffee machine on the counter top, please inform us. We can offer solutions tailored to your needs, such as using different plywood types in the stand. This will make the stand heavier but capable of withstanding the weight of your products. However, in most cases, our lightweight poplar stands will be suitable and reliable.

Is the retail fixture stable? Can it tip over?

Yes, our retail fixtures are designed to be stable and secure. They have an A-frame construction of the rack and prevent it from tipping over, ensuring a stable presentation of your products. However, we recommend to add extra weight sand bags if you use the stands outdoors with strong wings.

Other questions?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email at We'll be happy to assist you further!