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SET Arizona | versatile shelving system | Milimetry | collapsible display stand

SET Arizona | versatile shelving system | Milimetry | collapsible display stand

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Introducing the SET Arizona—the ultimate display shelving system for your shop, market, showroom, or any other retail location. Our versatile shelving solution allows you to quickly and easily create stylish, eye-catching displays that showcase your products and brands.

The SET Arizona is made with strong and durable wood, so it is not only stylish but also offers superior stability and support. The shelves are easy to assemble and rearrange, so you can create unique, original displays with ease. The removable shelves mean you can fit a variety of items, from handbags and clothes to shoes and sneakers. And the generous widths of the shelves give ample room for product placement, making it ideal for showcasing multiple items.

Not only that, but the SET Arizona also features an open design, giving a more spacious and airy feel to your displays and allowing customers to easily navigate and explore your products. Plus, the system allows you to maximize your space and create different levels of product visibility.

The SET Arizona is perfect for creating attractive, well-organized displays that capture customer attention. Our versatile shelving system is the must-have for any retail shop, market, or showroom. With SET Arizona, you can create stunning displays that are sure to make a lasting impression. And what's more, when folded, it fits in a passenger car.

SET Arizona includes 1x VS-03-NT shelving unit and 1x VRS-01-NT double shelving unit and 8 plates on hooks for your additional product descriptions.

Shelving unit VS-03 facts:

Height: 213cm (83.85")
Width: 106cm (41.7")
Depth: 50cm (19.6")
Shelves width: 90cm (35.4")

Included equipment:

4 shelves: 90x25cm (35.4"x9.8"), 90x32cm (35.4"x12.59"), 90x39cm (35.4"x15.3"), 90x46cm (35.4"x18.11")
Customized double-sided logo board: 90x30cm (35.4"x11.8"). Printed, cut-out logo or other graphics in full color.
Material: spruce wood and poplar or birch plywood
Finish: Clear varnish for protection against dirt. It does not change the nature and feel of the wood.
Half-folded leg structure for easy transport.

Double shelving & clothes rail unit VRS-01 facts:

Height: 213cm (83.8")
Width: 136cm (53.5")
Depth: 50cm (19.6")
Shelves width: 58cm (22.8")

Included equipment:

6 shelves: 58x25cm (22.8x9.8"), 58x32cm (22.8x12.5"), 58x39cm (22.8x15.3") (2pcs), 58x46cm (22.8x18.1") (2pcs)
Customized two double-sided logo boards: 58x30cm (22.8"x11.8"). Printed logo or other graphics in full color, can be the same or different on each side of 2 included boards
Material: Spruce timber legs and shelves made of poplar or birch plywood
Finish: Wood and plywood are finished with transparent varnish for dirt and damp protection.
Half-folded leg structure for easy transport.

Plywood plates facts:
Amount: 8 pcs included free of charge with SET Arizona
Size: 40 cm x 4 cm
2 hooks to hang on the dowel above the shelf
Customized with your text: product name, price, etc. applied with vinyl decals

*Wood as a natural product will have some variations in wood grain and small imperfections. The rail is made of a wooden rod and will bend a bit if overloaded.

Optional equipment:
- Durable carry cases matching your shelving unit, made of black polyester fabric personalized with your logo.

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